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Private Charters

AFTERNOON CHARTERS | Rent the boat for a noon trip as a gentle breeze soothes the relaxing passengers as the 50-foot Tahoe Cruz makes way under full sail along the scenic West Shore. Our destination is the historical Erman Mansion at Sugar Pine Point. Along the way we pass “Fleur du Lac”, once the Estate of Henry Kaiser and later an on-site location for the filming of The Godfather. Other highlights include breathtaking views of Eagle Rock, Rubicon Peak and Mount Ellis.


At the afternoon charter time, you’ll be ready for changes in attitudes when the afternoon breeze freshens and we start to heel. Hold onto your hats and cervezas while kicking back to Buffett tunes, as the captain takes you down the west shore in the 50-foot Tahoe Cruz. Tahoe offers sunny, warm afternoons for you to enjoy the best sailing experience possible.


SUNSET CHARTER | The stunning colors of an alpenglow sunset highlight this romantic twilight sail on our 50-foot Tahoe Cruz along the West Shore. Relax on Lake Tahoe’s tranquil waters.

All private charters include complimentary imported and domestic + local beer, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Prosecco, non-alcoholic beverages and light appetizers. Private catering and customized personal services are available upon request.



Since Blue is being used for daily public trips, there may be some limitations, but we always do our very best to fit your schedule and needs!


Please call us or email us to book your day and time, or book online!



2hr private charter
$1,700 + 18% added gratuity


2hr private charter
$2,000 + 18% added gratuity


Please meet us at Ski Run Marina 30 minutes before the start of your cruise to check in.


We always recommend bringing a light jacket, but please check the weather to see if you might be more comfortable with more layers. We have extra heavy jackets on board in case the weather turns, which happens, but not that often. No special shoes are required, sunscreen and other sun protection is advised, but please note that we don't allow SPRAY sunscreen to be applied when on the boat, please apply on land before coming aboard.

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