Sail Tahoe Blue


Being able to spend every day out on the water, doing what we love, and sharing our passion for sailing with others is a dream come true for us.


Sail Tahoe Blue is committed to providing a fun and safe sailing adventure for anyone seeking to enjoy the beautiful sights of Lake Tahoe. Our primary goal is to build a sustainable business that operates with little to no impact on the natural environment and promotes responsible travel.


The boat, "Blue", is a 40’ Santa Cruz sailboat with a rich history of both performance sailing and chartering capability. Our captains and crew members are experienced and stoked to bring you the most unique boating experience on the Lake.  




Owner & Captain


Captain Sean grew up in the Bay Area sailing in the San Francisco Bay and abroad, logging thousands of miles at sea. Sean has decided to make his passion his career sharing sailing with all.


Owner & Captain


Captain Isabella grew up in the Bay Area and has sailing in her blood. At the helm at only two weeks old, her passion for being on the water has only grown with her experiences sailing abroad. 

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